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Also List On VRBO But Only Book Through Airbnb?

I’m curious to know if anyone has a listing up on VRBO/HomeAway but when a potential guest inquires, you send them to your Airbnb listing to complete the booking. Is this a legit/smart thing to do? I am much more comfortable with Airbnb, especially because of their guarantee and insurance covering hosts. Would love to hear your thoughts.


Well, as long as you’re on one of the standard listing plans, you’re really just paying them to list your place. It’s the folks who are on the pay-per-booking plan who might have issue, but, then again, they can’t exchange links or contact info anyway.

Until they’re done transitioning from a listing site to a booking site, I can’t see an issue with it.

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It certainly might be a way around the brand new Service Fee that VRBO has implemented, for those who pay thru their site.

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