"Also a host" showing up in messaging sidebar - zero reviews

I have had two of these requests to book, both coming in on the same day (last Sunday). One is already booked, and one is still in the request process. I’m on IB but neither meet my requirement of submitting government ID.

Has anyone experienced this? I’ve hosted other hosts in the past but they all have reviews associated with their account, both of these guests have zero reviews, and their listings don’t show up under their profile. I’m just a little wary as both of these are for LTR (30+ days)

Here is a screen shot of what it looks in the messaging side bar (on the website, not the phone app):
Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 12.14.51 PM Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 12.18.24 PM

Then on their respective profile pages:

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 12.14.00 PM Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 12.19.17 PM
Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 12.14.25 PM Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 12.19.29 PM

Final thought: Could they be co-hosts and that’s why reviews are not showing under their profile? In the case at least of my own co-host he had to upload government ID.

EDIT: I just looked at my listing in an incognito window, clicked on my co-host, and our listing appears in his profile page.

I’ve seen this regularly. I’m assuming they signed up to host and some point and never did or no longer do. It’s a non-issue for me.


How were they able to book if they didn;t meet your ID requirement

I would send them a message and say you haven noticed they are listed as a host but you can’t seem to see their listing.

30 day plus is a tenant not a guest, if I were looking for a tenant I would not use AirBnb. Google Palm Springs AirBnb squatter.



I’ve broached the topic with each one but have not heard back. Honestly, I book everyone, never turned anyone down. I just IB and let it ride. Just making sure there is not some weird glich or scam going on b/c this is the first time I’ve seen this - and twice in one day!

sorry I thought you were looking for advice on what to do in this situation @yecatsr

This makes sense to me, I’m not too concerned. Thanks.

• They both sent in requests - I really got a good feeling about the first guy, we communicated why he was visiting, etc. etc. (relocating to my area is his purpose).
• The second person is not booked yet, I’m still in the communication process. Another issue with her is she does not have the right# of people on her request. She just has herself but keeps saying “We” this we that, so I know there is at least one other.

I will do this. I have hosted many LTR “guests” with no issues. I IB anywhere from 1 night to 3 months, though my longest booking has been 45 days.

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So just so I am clear, you accept guests without gov ID on request?

We all have different comfort levels of risk. I wouldn’t take a long term guest without ID particularly if I lived in the US and had your tenancy laws which give them squatter rights .

Welp. If it makes you feel better… I signed up to host our home shortly after closing on it in 2017. Hosted our first guests nearly two years later in March, 2019. Stayed as a guest my first time in October 2019. Realized at some point last summer that I was not ID verified with AirBnB. I felt crappy requiring my guests to be ID verified when I was not, so I fixed that.

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Huh? I am. I’m looking for the thoughts and experiences, if there are any, from other hosts! I appreciate your input. I have communicated with both parties pretty extensively, but have yet to hear back about the “host” situation. I’ve said to both, something to the effect of “I see you are also a host, in XYZ area…blah blah blah”.

Many times I ask them to upload their ID. It makes some nervous, especially older guests, so I usually don’t insist upon it.

I will not LTR this second guest without ID. I know exactly why the first guest is staying here - for a work consortium. I trust this guy, other than this “also a host” thing. I’d like to think that @KKC is right? Hopefully a non issue? Just coincidental to get two in one day!

This does! I don’t recall, maybe it’s just super easy to sign up as a “host” when you are fist making your account on Airbnb.

Too funny!

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I recall it being surprisingly easy. It’s no wonder there are so many listings operating illegally because all I had to do is promise I am legally authorized to list it. I expected there to be some level of verification before they let me create a listing. Nope. Not even an ID was required!

I wonder if they have changed this since 2017? If they have not, at least for hosts, they should. It would be really nice if guests would be required to do this as well.

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I believe the only required verification is a phone number, which is not ID verification at all since I can go into any cell phone store and get a burner phone as my alter ego, “Lonestar Honeybadger, Esq.”


I couldn’t care less about Airbnb’s verified govt. ID. I can’t see that it protects hosts in any way. What does uploading a driver’s license have to do with whether or not they leave your house a disastrous mess. And no matter what ID they upload, the name on their account and their account profile photo doesn’t have to match the ID. And Airbnb refuses to give guest’s names to police, if it comes to that, unless their hand is forced with a court order.
Much more protective to just ask for photo ID at the door when guests arrive, if you’re concerned. At least then you, as a host, know the guest’s real name and can see if the photo matches the person standing in front of you.

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All I have ever given Airbnb is my phone number and email, both of which would be trivial to falsify. I am amazed that is all they asked for before they started sending guests my way.


We insist on verified Airbnb ID. It may not be perfect but it is easy for the guest to do and, in my view, demonstrates some level of respect and understanding for a host who is inviting strangers to share their lives for a few days or weeks.