Almost seems like a scam, listed place message host, then unavailable.. Not once, but twice

I am a Host in Tucson AZ and have been hosting for over 2 years now. I am going to be a guest and heading to Kauai in May. I have done a ton of searching, but one place in particular seemed almost like a scam. I messaged the Host asking a few questions and then the listing was gone. A few hours later I get a response that it was no longer available the owner decided to spend some time on the Island, however they have another listing and if I was interested. I said yes, they than have me go to another site and submit information. I submitted the info. The next day the listing is once again available… humm ok, I ask more questions and once again it’s unlisted. Eventually they get back to me with and a home that’s available. This feels like a bait and switch. Go to Airbnb only to have some message back and say Hey, search this and then submit your name and email on the site… I now wonder how common this is.

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Red flag. Never go off Airbnb for anything.


I don’t think anyone has stats on how common it is.

But I wonder why you pursued booking with this particular host, when they directed you to another site? As a host yourself you must have known it was a scam?

I do hope you reported the host to Airbnb and that you find an alternative with a host that doesn’t direct you off site.

Report this to airbnb and stay the hell away from this person. For that matter I would never stay with any host with no reviews. Actually I only stay with superhosts unless there is literally nothing else available.


It’s been reported, I was curious how far this particular individual would go. No I’m not booking with them.

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