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All listings paused due to reviews under 4

So today I woke up to a screen on AirBNB saying all of my listings have been paused due to reviews under 4 out of 5. Has anyone else had this happen? I don’t recall any warning emails. I have one 11 bedroom guesthouse so 11 listings and another guesthouse with one main listing. All listings were paused. I was able to get access by clicking on a button that said “I am ready to Host” and everything is back in order for now. But I’m worried. I’ll never get all of my listings to 4 out of 5 across all fields and I don’t aim to either. 3 to me means okay/as expected, 4 good and 5 awesome. Will this continue to happen until I lose my account now? I have done a lot of work on photos, descriptions and I even have a “magic word” people have to quote to get a booking meaning they have read my description.

Wow, that is weird. I’m also a four star host who will never be five, nor do I want to be. Where are you located?

I have received emails stating guests had left less than five and the implication was that I had better “shape up” :smile: but I have never had anything paused.

I even received a phone call out of the blue from them, offering to review my listing and give me hosting tips! Scary. We never really know what this company is up to. :(.

This is craziness! Glad to hear you were able to get the listings working again. But if Air wants us all to get 5 stars then they should tell guest to rate based on what was advertised. I wish they would get rid of all the categories and just let guest leave one review about their stay, and with just one rating.


I think it’s a really exaggerated move from Airbnb to “pause” listings without a warning for ratings under 4 and I am glad that you have everything back.

But… To be honest a rating under 4 is a really low rating on Air. I have just looked at listings in my neighborhood and out of 100 listings I have only found one with a 3.5 overall rating.

Maybe you were very unlucky with several guests giving unjustified low ratings, but maybe you should critically look at the accommodations you provide and find ways to improve them.

Outside of the dreaded “Location” category, all ratings depend solely on you acting as a good, dedicated host and require no other investment than your own time.

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Yeah what is the deal with the location category? I mean, what exactly are they rating? The location is right on the ad…sounds be obvious right?

I’ve been dinged on that one twice, and once was by another Air host from France!!! Jeesh. Incidentally, our location is our biggest selling point. We’re on the split between a lovely residental neighbourhood, and a commercial area with all sorts of grocery stores, etc. We’re about a minute from a subway stop & transit hub. As good as it gets in Toronto without being right beside a primary attraction.

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