All guest requirements met - new feature

A new feature ‘All guest requirements met’ is appearing on all my future bookings under guest conversation history. When you click on it, it shows why this person can book after the fact. Does anyone have something that shows ‘all guest requirements have NOT met’? Wondering what the purpose of this checklist is when clearly a host knows the rules and parameters they set on their listing.

In fact, some hosts don’t fully understand the choices they have in who can Instant Book. There is a current thread about an unpleasant guest who Instant Booked. The host didn’t know that she needed to check the box if she only wanted guests who have received 100% positive reviews from other hosts to be able to Instant Book. As you can see, the “All guest requirements met” feature has hyperlinks to “Update your settings” and “Learn more”. I think Airbnb believed that this would make hosts feel more comfortable with Instant Book.