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Algorithms be damned!


Be very careful about the staging as suggested above. If you leave a bottle of wine in your rental at each turnover, then by all means show it. If you always put fresh flowers on the dining table, then do so for your photographs.

If you provide a tasty breakfast for all guests, show it of course, but if you stage a meal that you don’t provide, one day there will be a guest who is a) disappointed (which leads to a poorer level of review) and b) marks you down on accuracy stars.


I am going to jump in here at my peril. Professional real estate photographers (ie full time employed taking top photos) always take the photos from a much lower level to ensure walls aligned, etc etc. An example from “chest” level, or from a kneeling position. Of course they all use tripods etc I am talking about amateurs taking their own. Maybe you wont like it. But next time you take a photo - take two. One at the lower level and one at the normal head level (your head). See what you think.


I agree, as I mentioned

Some of my own pictures of my listing tend to be from above to try to show the layout of the room. If I put the camera lower then the room looks smaller. The professional that took some of the pictures on my listing had the tripod set up chest height but also had a wider angle lens. He also used filters to brighten the room.


One more thing…I don’t think this has yet been mentioned (apologies if I missed it)…try turning on Instant Book. After my first a year of good occupancy, I noticed my bookings had tanked and discovered I was no longer showing up anywhere near the top of searches. Turning on Instant Book fixed it.


@KKC - Texas has no income tax, so property taxes are higher.


Shhhh…don’t tell anyone.

But if we want to have a discussion of taxes…

LOL, never mind.


Don’t go to NY…they get you on BOTH income taxes AND SUPER HIGH property taxes.:face_with_head_bandage:

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For some of our indoor shots in a dark space, my husband used work lamps (the yellow ones, usually two on a stand) and a vertical flashlight on the other side to brighten the subject and get rid of shadows. It really makes a difference.
But I’m still open to bartering with any photographers who want a free place to stay in Ireland …

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