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Algorithms be damned!


I agree. Both our listings have photographs taken by me with the phone. Some of them are several years old and I’ve only updated one or two of them when something has noticeably changed such as a large new piece of furniture or a complete change of colour scheme.

Yes, I know that there is a minute danger of a guest giving a lower star rating for accuracy because the photos don’t do the place full justice but I love it when guests exclaim that it’s even better than the photpographs.

We talk a lot about managing guest expectations and my opinion is that the whole stay starts off on a much better foot if the guests are delighted by the space the minute they walk in. It can help set the tone.

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Yup. (re @KKC clarification on digital tools). See the heavy editing here to make quite a beautiful photo, but still, some risk as @jaquo mentions.


I take the word “filter” as an insult.

It is like telling a chef how you liked his microwaved meal.

And is incredible how some people here know how turn something positive into something negative.

How did they call this forum on reddit again?? This is a good example.


What in the world? It’s common usage.

Mean girls. What is your ignorance a good example of? You have no excuse since you’ve just been told what it means. And if you choose not to believe us there’s the almighty google.


It is not common use.
Filters are “instant” fixes, mostly used by smartphone users and amateurs without knowledge.

Every photographer will take it as an insult.


Flyboy: Not only do we pay $6,600 house property tax each year, but we must also pay our $1,440 annual HOA gated-community dues.

Yes, our modest Airbnb rental income does help!


“Blossom” filter on samsung galaxy


Had it, twice now. Glowing five star reviews but marked down on Accuracy because the images “didn’t do the apartment justice”. WTF. They’re not bad pics, but certainly not professional standard, although having a photographer in to do decent ones has been on the ToDo list for about five months now!


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Is your tax based on the size of your property @Don_Burns

Your HOA service charge sounds reasonable I pay a similar amount for a two bed flat here (not in a gated community).


Clearly we disagree. Filters can be instant digital fixes. But the word has been used in photography as long as I can remember and that’s at least 40 years.

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Helsi: Our property taxes are 10-percent of our home’s current selling value. Our house is currently worth $660,000, which is why we pay $6,600 in taxes each year.

When there is an economic recession, that causes lower home values, homeowners quickly ask local tax officials to lower their property tax rate based on the lower estimated selling price.

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Wow, what a bargain. My tax valuation is ~140,000 USD and my property tax bill is $3500.

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Thanks for proving my point.
A filter cannot match the trained eye and knowledge of a photographer.

Unfortunately people nowadays are Easley satisfied by the garbage coming out of smartphones.


As someone who has commissioned photography for over twenty years, I can say that photographers with SLRs who are doing professional shoots have always used filters when I have worked with them on shoots @Chris

For example


And as you will know SLRs have also been digitalised so professional photographers will edit their images in photoshop or similar.

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You’re delusional.

I didn’t say it could. I said the use of the word “filter” is common in the US, i.e., American English.

I also made the point that professional photographers also use the word filter.

As for your new point

For reasons that are unclear to me you’ve decided to die on this hill (a common idiom in English.) I’m not sure why you take the common usage of the word filter and the widespread usage of digital filters as some kind of personal insult. As a gentle reminder we are talking about viewing Airbnb listing photos that are too dark. People will see these differently depending on the device settings anyway. Many of these devices are smartphones, and regardless of whether they went through a 4 minute post production or a 4 second post production they are looking at small low quality pictures.


Why? Not intended as one in the slightest.

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Well I have an LTR in upstate NY that the property taxes are over $10k annually (and have been $12k+ in the past). It is just a 3BR/2.5BA 2002 sq ft split ranch with 0.19 of an acre. I think $6.6k is pretty good for CA.

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DANG!!! New York thinks you are made of money.

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Very true. If it doesn’t look like that at some times throughout the day!

I would also stage it. Bring a laptop or an outside meal with exterior dishes

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Ironically I was born and raised in upstate NY and when I moved back for 2 years and bought that house and then moved on again, NY garnished my savings account for thousands of $$$ without warning because they thought I had not filed my NY income taxes. I was active duty military and had not needed to reclaim my NY residency from FL (where there is no state income tax) just because I lived there for 2 years. Luckily it only took about 3 months for me to get it back, with interest. But what a hassle! NY will get their money out of you for sure!!!

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