AirReview teamed up with Rankbreeze and Airbnb

Got a notification on our reservation page that says the above.

I think it’s good news for the AirReview team, means they may get a some money from the deal which will allow them to iron out the bugs still in their product.

Rankbreeze look to be just another AirDNA type company, probably with similar data.

If you register with AirReview you get a few free searches each month. Just a pity their server was down when I tried this morning :roll_eyes:


But who thought naming the company Rank Breeze was a good idea?

adjective, rank·er, rank·est: having an offensively strong smell or taste


Seriously, Rank Breeze? They may as well have named it “Okay, who farted?”

It’s the sort of phrase Google translate would come up with if you input something like “Easy placement search” in another language.


I just disabled AirReview because a pop up said that I had to accept their new permissions to be able to change data on all my websites. Sorry I don’t have the exact wording - I denied so quickly that I don’t remember the specific words but that it was a big no from me.


Yeah it’s kinda freaking me out:

“-Read & Change all your data on the websites you visit”
…ummm that’s kinda crazy.

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This popped up again when I opened a new window:

Wonder if anyone would click “accept permissions”!!!