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AirReview - A little helpful extension to screen guests


Hi all,

I discovered this little extension called “Air Review” which makes you able to see the reviews guests left to host!

Check it out : https://bit.ly/2UyYgic


This has been around for a while. Can also see guest reviews by clicking on the host that reviews your guests to see their property


Yes but that makes it easier and sometimes it’s difficult to find the reviews unless you really dig. I discovered it only about two weeks ago. I thought it was worth sharing.


Thank you @Oby for sharing. I’m sure there are some newer members on this thread who haven’t heard of it.

I use it and find it helpful. A few weeks ago Airbnb made some changes and it stopped working. I need to see if it is working now.


Yes in some cases it doesn’t work. It’s working for me again. The developer says to email him in case it doesn’t work and he will fix the issue.


I’m also one of those for whom it stopped working in January and started again a couple of days ago.


Odd. The only time that I can remember it not working for me was after a Chrome update last year.

What I did notice was sometimes it timed out retrieving certain reviews, just tried it now and same issue. That said, it retrieves enough to get an idea of how the guest reviews hosts, maybe 1 or 2 out of 10 not being displayed.



It stopped working for me in January. It is now only working if I close Air while on the guest review page. The extension kicks in and I can read the reviews. I then log back in and they disappear. This is on a desktop using Chrome. I messaged Airreview to let them know.


For people who’s Air Review doesn’t work…

Mine wasn’t working either, but I found the solution…
At this moment:

  • It is working on Chrome (on Mac) but not on Firefox (on mac).
  • It is not working on the national AirBnB site of my country, but on www.airbnb.com it is working. To get to the .com you should select English at the bottom of the page.

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