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Airport Key Exchange


I personally, have been a host the last four years and I also helped manage over 20 properties for “absent hosts”.

As I continue to grow my portfolio I seek to find an effective key exchange solution.

I plan to use a new service that will meet your guests at major transit locations to exchange the key. This is to help avoid them getting lost trying to find your home. They will supposedly streamline the guest management process and help guests get a taxi or catch public transit to their rental and remain a point of contact until they leave.

Would you pay or have your guests pay $35 for this service and do you think guests will appreciate being met right when they land, instead of your home?


As a guest, yes and no.

I’ve had issues when I never meet the host in person… but on the same token, it does mean I’m not driving to their place in the middle of the night and hunting for a key they said they left and didn’t specify where!

So, I’d say yes I’d appreciate it, and I would just add the cash into my nightly rate, rather than billing it as a line item.


At that price, it sounds like an electronic lock system would be a better investment.

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