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Airhostsforum.com is Now Secure



I’m pleased to see that Airhostsforum.com have now set up an SSL certificate for this website - you’ll now see ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ in the URL of this website – which means your interactions with this site cannot be intercepted by a malicious third party.

I was in particular concerned about HTTPS not appearing (correct me if I’m wrong) on the login window, which basically means some malicious hacker could have written a bot to capture everyone’s passwords as they logged in. Maybe it’s time for all forum users to do that fun thing - change their passwords! :smile:


Airhostsforum.com is now secure. Or rather, much more secure than it’s been.


Are you working with Tommy?!! Wow, thank you! Did it go down last night or was it just me?


Cheers @konacoconutz, as a matter of fact I wasn’t working on this last night. I think the downtime you’re referring to was when the HTTPS-enabled version was deployed.


You should get in touch with him at @tom2 . Since you are both tech types!


For a good few days, I’d been wanting to ask about why the site, or at least the login bit, appeared to be without this feature (and offer to help set it up if needed.)

Looks like my procrastination paid off (!)

But indeed, I’m happy to help with any such tech stuff, if desired, to help make this forum better. Thanks for the recommendation @konacoconutz.


Hi guys, sorry that was in the roadmap since the beginning of the year, but after a few instance upgrades, the certs got lost so I had to get new ones. But anyways thanks for the encouraging words and let me know if anyone runs into trouble!


Happy about the new security feature! I had used a “real” PW instead of one of my junk PWs to sign up, so it was a bit concerning and resulted in a PW change binge on my part.

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