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Airdna experience?

Anyone having an experience with Airdna that you would like to share?

They request my iCAL link ( Link to my booking calendar) in order to verify my access to my listing.

Is this the way they get access to booking and calender data?

No idea, but their data was so wrong in my city I discounted even paying them a cent.

I might do refresher on Python and start scraping the data myself, or if @casailinglady can get off her sofa, we could collaborate :rofl:





I had a 30 day free trial, but couldn’t get them to fix the problem of having 2 differently named and zip coded post offices in our unified municipality in one damned community, especially since the former city of Douglas AK only has 6 listings at the most. We unified 2 cities and our borough (same as a county in every other state except LA) in 1967, but one of the former cities has its own zip code, and AirDNA couldn’t seem to fix it.

Plus I realized that I could collect the data that mattered to me with anonymous searches.

replying from reclining position< Collaborate: (verb) Meaning you come up with the idea and I do all the work. :rofl: :rofl:

Yup. Tried Airdna for about a day and decided that I could get my guy to do a better job…

Went back to couch with coffee and wine (don’t judge)

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