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AirDNA - airbnb detailed data mining analytics

hi all,

I’m sure some of you probably have come across this but for those who have not I thought I would share it with you. IT is a site that has extremely detailed data mining on revenue related things for whatever area code you want. Check it out.

AirDNA Revenue Data Mining for Airbnb Properties

I also tried emailing airbnb asking for more detail reporting like this website does _(it costs money $29.99-$79.99/month depending on scale of the area you are interested in i.e. your neighborhood or entire city)._
I checked their sample report and it is actually pretty awesome data! (airbnb probably owns this site/company and just sells their own data, wouldn’t be a bit surprised)

-> This is what I asked airbnb for:

" I would like to request more financial reports than are provided on the website. AS detailed reports as possible.

  • how do I rank in revenue earned per month in my “neighborhood”? In my entire City? --broken down by private rooms only or entire homes only, – customizable reports. if that is too much to ask then I just want to see my performance vs. other “entire home” listings in my neighborhood and in the city of Seattle.
  • broken down each month since August 2015. (or just 2016)
    -comparisons and rankings vs. my other listings on the following:
  1. monthly net revenue
  2. occupancy % monthly
  3. Overall 5 star reviews % —(i.e. mine is i think 87%"

**I want a lot more detailed info than just that but you get the point.

Airbnb MUST have this data or the ability to easily get it. They’d be pretty stupid to not track that information.

BUT…apparently trust@airbnb.com no longer works as customer service email and i can’t find an alternative way to contact customer service now… what a surprise.

So! DO any of you buy Airdna data??? Is it worth it and accurate? I’d like to use it for the obvious reasons but also to help me decide where would be the most ideal locations to add new properties.


People have suggested Twitter and/or Facebook. I’ve not tried Facebook, but they do usually reply via Twitter. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’ll actually tell you anything useful or fix your problem.

Check the Data Methodology link way at the bottom of the main page next to terms of service. They don’t get data from Airbnb. They use some fancy artificial intelligence powered algorithms to extrapolate the data. They claim they can tell the difference between booked and blocked dates and that they can calculate the income. Airbnb has the real numbers and I would be amazed if they don’t use it in some way.

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Airdna isn’t an Airbnb company, it was started by this guy: http://laist.com/2016/07/13/rentalpreneur_busted.php

I’ve used the info before, it’s very detailed and interesting. I haven’t ever paid for a report but I can see the value in doing so, for a multi-listing host like me.

Scraping of data is totally against the TOS but they (airbnb) don’t really seem to do anything to prevent it.

haha yeah probably not, thanks


I GUARANTEE airbnb has all the analytical data I and I’m sure many hosts would really appreciate having access too. I don’t get why they can’t release that information… or won’t release I mean. I bet with that info hosts would likely make more money = more money for airbnb.


That data is one of their greatest assets. They aren’t going to offer it to you. They will use it as part of their balance sheet to push up their value when they decide they are ready for an IPO.

Oh, I can guess why they don’t release it!! Because 1) it would reveal how little many hosts make or 2) how many hosts there already are in any given location. They don’t want hosts to know that, frankly.

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