Aircover actually came through and paid out

So I finally had a guest who managed to do real damage to my Airbnb. They tore a couch , broke a bunk bed , left a hole in a wall and left the property filthy. Of course when I sent the reimbursement request - they had an excuse - although they didn’t dispute the damage. They just promised to pay and then said they couldn’t afford to.

I escalated to Airbnb - and they actually paid to replace the items and refunded the cost I spent getting repair quotes.

I’ll be honest - I wasn’t expecting it to go so smoothly. Maybe 2 weeks total from reporting to payout.


Once the guest admitted to the damage you were in like Flynn.


Did you get full replacement costs @JustANewHost

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Pretty much. They tried to depreciate the costs but it was like .02 % for one and 3 % for the other. Plus they refunded the costs to get quotes for repair. So pretty much 100% of what was asked or maybe 99%

Edit - turns out it’s 3 times the cost to reupholster a couch than replace it LOL


You don’t have to say, because I expect it was a lash-out thing where they blamed you somehow, but I’m curious about the excuse.
“I had to tear the couch, break the bed, knock a hole in the wall and leave filth 'cause…” ?


So interesting enough - they didn’t give any excuse for the damage. They simply asked me to show pictures for proof. Then they apologized and said - " oh I wasn’t there for checkout - I’ll talk to them and get the money together". Then when it was time to reimburse they didn’t. They commented that they needed more time. After they didn’t accept the reimbursement I just escalated to Airbnb and stopped dealing with them.


Yep, I’m an upholsterer. To reupholster a couch, you have to strip it down to the frame (usually a really dirty job- so much dirt and dust filters through the fabric over time), remove hundreds of staples, many of which are rusted, so you can’t easily pry them out, etc. Many couches have back cushions or side pillows that are attached to the frame, rather than removeable separate cushions, so that requires yet more work to remove. And the pieces come off and have to go back on in a certain order, so the fabric or leather on the arms or back may have to removed even if only the seat needs to be replaced.
If it’s a special piece, antique or unique (and furniture used to be built to last, but not much anymore), would be worth it, but if it’s just something more or less generic that you can find a similar replacement for, not worth reupholstering.


Was interested in a beautiful early Victorian chair with its very worn original silk upholstery. The seller wanted $1000 for the chair and I had to decline as to get it reupholstered would have been another $1000 and he didn’t like it when I said he would need to give it away once you included the price of the work required…….:slightly_frowning_face:

I was shocked that upholstery is so insanely expensive

Yes, re-upholstering is always very expensive per the reasons @muddy gave.

Sounds like a 3rd party booking to me. (Do you have cameras?)

She was there for check in. We have cameras at the front door, but we are also in a gated community - so I get a text message when a guest from our registry is allowed in. Security doesn’t issue passes unless you’re on the list - and we require the list after booking. Our guests also can’t add anyone to the access list. It’s always possible to sneak someone into a car - it’s not like they are scanning cars in huge detail / checking trunks / peering into tints.

Given that it was a booking for 10, it’s also very possible that she booked, stayed a night or two and then left and left her family to check out.

I’m just glad you got your restitution.

Me too - I won’t lie - I was already preparing for drama with Airbnb. I was pleasantly surprised

Or possibly in like flint.