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Airbnb's New Terms of Service



Airbnb’s new Terms of Service will come into effect for all existing hosts on June 27, 2018. I’m sure that as wonderful as the Terms of Service is for bedtime reading, very few people have the desire or time to read through all the legalese. What to know what’s changing and what you’re agreeing to going forward? Check out our latest blog post on Airbnb’s new Terms of Service and what it means.

We’d love to know what you think and if you found this useful!



Thank you for posting this! Looks like it took a lot of work to put together, it is appreciated.


You’re very welcome @Terryathome! Let me know if there are any other of these types of informational posts you’d find interesting as we want to make sure we’re continuing to provide valuable content for all our awesome hosts :grinning:!


Thank you so much, Gyn, for this detailed and thoughtful analysis. it was very helpful.

I was particularly interested in the updated version that stated that reviews should now be “accurate”. Did anybody pick up on this, and/or have any comments?


I liked the old version, reviews must be “fair, truthful and factual”, better. Myself, I always try to give a fair statement, which may or may not be accurate.


This is why I should be more active on this site. Thank you for all of the detail!


Pity you did not give the same attention to the Privacy changes!
Basically AirBnB is going in the opposite direction to everyone else in terms of keeping our information private and confidential. Third parties (and there are many including all social media) can do what they wish with what AirBnB releases… and they release a lot!!! Not only that but all our host information becomes part of their aggregate data, i.e. part of their proprietary algorhythms. Such algorhythms are sold to help focus corporate or service spending. They necessarily contain the same cultural biases that has made much of western corporate culture racist, isolationist and focussed on profit beyond any human or community responsibility for care. Saying they do not identify individuals, does not change that.


That’s a steep one. I am absolutely not focussed on profit, and I believe I care a lot about my fellow humans and community in general.

Having said that, I am a huge fan of “big data” and I don’t think it is a bad idea for Airbnb to give, or sell, information to third parties, for whatever reason.

What makes you believe that sharing data hurts the community?


I find that a strange and surprising perspective. First of all, it’s wrong for Airbnb to profit from selling user data, if that is what they are doing. It is not theirs to sell. Second, selling user data violates privacy, which is a fundamental human right.


All of the links I provided to allow hosts to check out for themselves the effects of AirBnB sharing and/or selling our personal information or aggregate data to third parties, were disallowed by AirBnB. So for all who wish to educate themselves, including Mr Blocher, please put “critical books on proprietary algorithm” into your favourite search engine and begin. Note MIT and Stanford among those references on algorithm bias… Check out “Weapons of Math Destruction”… Eimear O’Neill PhD… university and community educator


A great body of work. Thank you.

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