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AirBnb's new terms of service policy - should you be concerned?


Hi guys,

Most of you have gotten an Terms of Service change from AirBnb within the last few days. In case you want to see it, it’s located here:

Updates to the Terms of Service

We clarified certain payments and financial terms, including the establishment of a new payments subsidiary in the UK, with whom our community outside of the United States will contract with respect to payments.

Customers authorize us to provide a new feature in certain jurisdictions to allow Hosts to opt-in to an Occupancy Tax line item. Hosts who opt-in to this feature can have taxes paid by Guests sent directly to the Host for the Host to remit to the Tax Authority. If you’re a Host and we launch this new feature in your jurisdiction, we’ll let you know.

We clarified that, in the rare event when a Guest overstays their reservation without the Hosts’ consent, the Host is not only entitled to require the Guest to leave, but is now also authorized to charge the overstaying Guest twice the original average nightly Accommodation Fee, plus applicable taxes and service fees, for every day the Guest overstays without the Host’s consent. Hosts can also recover costs of removing the overstaying Guest through Airbnb Payments.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

We clarified that we can use customer data—for example, their past search preferences—to customize or personalize customers’ experiences on Airbnb.

We’ve further strengthened protections for customers about when we will notify them about government requests for their information.


On the surface nothing glaring comes up (except that guests have to pay 2x the amount per day if they overstay). However I (along with others) are a little sceptical. Are there any lawyers on the forum who can read through the full TOS and tell us if there are issues for hosts? Full terms are here: https://www.airbnb.ca/terms

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