AirBnB's #MeToo Moment?


Glad to read that AirBNB corporate is taking the claims seriously and is acting appropriately with their “MeToo” situation in China.

Supporting ‘MeToo’, BLM, Covid19 precautionary support guests (and hosts) … AirBNB seems to be on the right side of history. Looking better and better to me!


It’s probably just me, but to use ‘sexual harassment’ in the headline of an article about gender discrimination seems a bit too sensationalist. Mind you, I’d never realised that Skift was a regular news site, I always thought it was a spoof. :rofl:

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Someone on the CC once posted a link to a site where Airbnb employees exchanged messages between themselves (wish I had bookmarked it). There was a lot of talk on that site about the horrible working conditions- misogyny, ridiculous work loads, lack of support, lack of benefits. That’s one reason I’m always nice to the CS reps- they seem to be just as poorly treated by the company as hosts are.

It’s apparently not, it’s a travel site with news. I wondered why they always had so many Airbnb stories.

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The employees’ letter alleges “serious gender discrimination misconduct”, “a tracked [sic] record of sexism speech and inappropriate action [both at work at Airbnb as well as outside the workplace]”, quotes him as saying he doesn’t respect “the Core Values at all”, and circulating a ranking of the appearances of all the female employees.

A PDF of the full letter can be found at the bottom of this page:

Yes, I read it all…

Better keep up. There’s bound to be another news article about Airbnb any moment now :yawning_face: