Airbnb's latest "partnership"

Anyone get an email promoting Rentokil Initial, or is it just Spanish hosts?

Cleanliness has always been crucial to offer the best experience for guests. But this year, it’s even more critical to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Airbnb has partnered with Rentokil Initial to help hosts sanitize their listings. After you (or your cleaner) have done an initial cleaning of your listing, Rentokil can help provide you the sanitization support and sanitization supplies you may need to offer guests maximum protection. Rentokil Initial assures that they will remove any traces of the virus and other contaminants, by following Airbnb’s sanitation protocol as well as local rules, and by using the disinfectant products approved by the Health Ministry in Spain.

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Being the curious chap I am, I had a look and got quotes for both of our apartments.

Now bear in mind, this is merely to sanitise, not clean.

So, for the not insignificant sum of €114.95, per apartment, Rentokil Initial will pop round and sanitise after they’ve been cleaned. Between 6:00 and 18:00 only.

Fantastico, where do I sign…


Anything to make a buck! I wonder what the kick back is?

They probably just walk around spraying Lysol LOL

I do all the sanitizing things that are recommended, but in 10 years we’ll probably all have sanitizing solution exposure syndrome.