Airbnb's interpretation that infant doesn't count as a guest

I have a listing for a studio where 4 poeple can sleep. The occupancy of 4 is primarily for situations where a couple is traveling with two young children as the beds are queen sized. I also have it in my listing description that it is a small studio and not suitable for four adults. Of course people don’t read.

I just got a booking with four adults and three infants. All of them want to cram into a small 400 sq ft studio.

Luckily I have it in my house rules that infants and children are counted towards the occupancy limits. I was able to get Airbnb support to cancel the booking penalty free.

The guest was super annoyed and she sent me an angry message and I got another booking from another adult in her group… now I have to do it all over again.

I wish I could do request to book on certain dates. But declining too many requests will also get me in trouble.

Sounds like ‘guests from hell’ LOL.

Looks like it is way more important to watch the budget rather than following any house rules of the accommodation they choose. Definitely guests who respect their hosts… NOT.

I would stay in close contact with Airbnb to resolve this matter with the least amount of damage. To receive angry responses for enforcing your own house rules is unacceptable.

I learned recently that even if you cancel on a guest they can keep booking or requesting to book, and the block feature was removed. It was pretty frustrating. I ended up turning off IB until the date in question had passed.

That is dismayzing. I’d probably have just raised the prices on the dates they wanted and changed other settings like minimum stay 3 nights at $1000 a night, changed to non refundable and hoped they booked by mistake and had to contact Airbnb. :rofl:

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I don’t know about other areas, but here the maximum occupancy for a rental is on the business license and STR paperwork, including the insurance.

Although I’ve sometimes accepted an additional guest (but supplying no extra bedding, towels etc.) I’ve also said to people enquiring that I’d be ‘breaking the law’ if I accepted over the number of occupants on my license and my insurance documents.

Works. :slight_smile:

I assume that was a typo, but I think it should be a real word. Describing something that had the potential to be an amazing experience, but turned out to be terribly disappointing.

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Not a typo. It’s a mash up of dismay and amaze/amazing. As far as I know, I made it up but language being what it is, perhaps not. Another word I use that I think I made up but think I’ve seen others use, is automagic/automagical. People want results that appear out of nowhere, requiring no effort on their part. As in, “He hoped the engine noise would automagically go away.”