Airbnb's Comments and Feedback on Accuracy of your Listing

Hello community,

I don’t know if this is a problem most of you hosts are running into, but haven’t you noticed Airbnb is giving the guests the ability to complaint in private and not really supporting their complaint? In my past reservations we have had a notification from Airbnb saying my guests saying :

1- Photos are not accurate
2 - Problems entering home
3 - Size of home not accurate

We have been hosting for over 3 years to hundreds of travelers (8 rooms now and counting), and we are feeling that despite all our hard work on being super hosts and exceeding our guests expectations are being reverted by unexperienced travelers. Why is Airbnb letting this happen? Why are they giving the guests those tools but not really explain about it so it could actually be useful to me?

We tried to look into this comments, but we are not sure what to do about them. Photos were taken by the photographer Airbnb sends, and we took a few extra ones which we did not edit. For entering home, we send all of our travelers a PDF document with pictures of the surroundings and how to find and access our properties…I have used Airbnb many times and no host has ever provided that to me… Size of the home not accurate? No idea what to do about this. It is not like I list the meters of my room or house…

This is really hurting our spirit. We just hope Airbnb would say " Hey! Guests complaining about this as they encountered this experience…" but no…it is just a plain old unuseful feedback.

Is anybody feeling the same way?

Yes. We had one that said photos were incorrect. I had to contact the person who booked to ask what the problem was. It was because we didn’t show a pic of my husbands workshop which guests don’t access anyway and is not used when we have guests. We don’t show lots of thing like the laundry and clothesline. It was annoying. Most guests love hubbies workshop and are really interested in what he does. Our listing does state he is an artisan though.

I think I am going to start writing them back too, in hopes that…

  1. I can really understand what is the problem
  2. If they didn’t really meant it, next time they will be more objective as they know we actually receive their feedback…

Accuracy feedback:
(Your guest mentioned some issues that weren’t accurately reflected in your listing description: listing description. ) Can anyone help me with this feedback I find it so vague.

How about accuracy feedback: your guest mentioned some things that weren’t in the listing… the property is small. Hmmm except it is in the listing description !

This section is meant to be helpful; I haven’t found it so.

This means that your guest didn’t bother reading your listing description. And in turn Airbnb will allow the guest to ding you on your star ratings. Then Air will refuse to change the ratings because they will claim it was the guest’s “actual experience” that they didn’t feel the listing was accurate.

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They did post in the review they rather have a place with a hot tub and closer to Village. Wonder if that was the listing feedback? I love it when people review your place and make comments like that. Similar to me posting (My guest was great but I rather have cleaner people who didn’t ask as many dumb questions.) lol