#airbnblove gift?

Just had a guest cancel tomorrow nights booking, she made a mistake and meant to book tonight instead of tomorrow. I spoke with her on the phone and tried to help her find other arrangements at a hotel since all the airbnbs in my area are booked. She was a super nice lady so I didn’t want to charge her a cancellation fee - I contacted airbnb and explained the situation to them and asked if they could cancel on her end and not charge a fee. A couple of hours later I got an email from Airbnb Love saying "Thank you for your kindness in offering your recent refund. This speaks to what an excellent host you are and we appreciate your generosity!

― Your friends at #AirbnbLove

The gift they gave me was a key chain lol - wondering if anyone else has had this happen yet?Must be a new thing airbnb is trying out? I was hoping for a travel voucher when I saw the email haha.


I’ve done some exceptional things for guests like the Chinese guest mugged in LA and I spent all day with her trying to help her get some money or a new iphone. She had to give up and fly to New York to get some help. Despite talking to Airbnb on the phone trying to help her they didn’t help and they didn’t thank me for trying to help. However, she gave me a very nice thank you gift from China that she had with her. Honestly I’d rather Airbnb keep their keychains and hire more competent CS reps.


So do all of us who have keypads and not keys :slight_smile:


I got a keychain and I never did anything to earn it!

Yes exactly- i found it odd since we have also had instances where we have gone above and beyond for a guest and didn’t hear anything from Airbnb. So I was wondering if it was something new they were doing for when we fully refund a guest that cancels?

I suspect it’s random. Some people have reported getting artwork that looks like their lead pic in the listing for no reason. I’ve gotten an airbnb book and magazines and other superhosts said they didn’t get them. It’s not nothing, I don’t mean to be snarky. At least they noticed in your case.


So Airbnb’s postion is “Excellent hosts = hosts who refund.” Hmmmm.


I have had asked Airbnb to refund guests, where I could have been paid in full three times (due to guest error) and have received diddly squat, not even a thank you.

From what people say in forums you are more likely to get gifts and magazines if you are in North America or Australia.

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Nope - 3 years and extra special attention here!

Oh, that’s why I didn’t get a gift for helping the Chinese guest!

Seriously I’ve been on the phone to get a guest a refund and although the CSR lauded my kindness and generosity I got no gift. When the refund is only $38 they can’t afford an 88 cent keychain.

If it had been me I would send it back with a note saying: “This must have been sent by mistake as I am sure I have never done anything to deserve such an expensive gift”.:japanese_goblin:


It looks just like an IUD, so when mine fell out recently I had a backup! :joy::joy:


I once got a travel voucher from Airbnb for something I did for a guest–I’ve forgotten the details

“It looks just like an IUD, so when mine fell out recently I had a backup!”

(urp!) What fell out…your keychain or IUD?

(I’m sorry…don’t answer. I just love my own jokes!)

My IUD is the key to my heart!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::rofl::rofl:

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