AirbnbB account is blocked

what to do if the AirbnbB account is blocked or cancelled?

The first step is to call Airbnb and see if it’s something simple they can fix.

If they say they closed it for security or other reason and pass you off to the “Trust & Safety” team you’re in a bad spot. If that’s happens you can assume they’ve pegged you as a terrorist or a pedophile (or something equally reviled). Unfortunately it’s not a court system with due process, assumption of innocence or opportunity to clear your name. They reserve the right to cancel your account without telling you why.

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It could also be blocked or cancelled if the listing is in a city with regulations restricting Airbnb activity. Air often deleted listings and hosts as part of negotiations with municipal and state authorities. Many high volume hosts were removed from the rolls in NYC - and European capitals - and they were certainly none of the scary things listed above.