AirBnB website is down?

Our new biz is surprisingly taking off., but … is anybody else seeing the site is down? I had just written a message to a person, pressed send, then it told me the site was down. IDK if I should go ahead and start re-writing the message or what…??? Or does the site save a draft of my message, and wait for site to reboot??

I’m calling (on hold with) the help line now. Do they actually pick up and would that do any good?

Oh and we worked out the thing with our STR and it’s okay, and he’s paying through the site.

Yes the site is down. I wouldn’t bother calling them about it they’re clearly already aware of the problem.

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They’ve tweeted about it a couple of times but there’s no estimated time frame as yet.

It seems to be coming back…

They always tweet the same thing: “Our developers are already working on a fix. Watch out for an update!” No… I don’t want an update. I want you to fix the damn code so it works the way it did two hours ago. In my world Updates == Unintended Code Breakage.

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I was premature in saying it’s back. It’s sort of half back but unusable. I can’t access the calendar or the message system at all but at least the graphic of the goofy girl with the ice cream has gone.

I am still getting her. She is my new best friend.

I am trying an experiment today. I was surprised that I didn’t get a booking the other day when every single flight out of Logan was canceled due to weather. And then, ding, the lightbulb went off! I require a two day stay with 1 days notice. That was a missed opportunity. With snow steadily falling, I have changed my setting to allow no notice to those that can instant book and made it possible to book the room for the next two nights for only one night. Flights are still leaving Logan regularly, but if we actually get 18" inches, that will stop. Flights will leave, but airlines stop bringing planes back to Boston so that they aren’t snowed in. The net result is the same. Lots of cancelations.

This is different than our usual routine. We have the room ready just in case we have a booking. Not something we have ever done before.


Snowbound bonanza! Also these are the days I typically get bookings. People snowed in on a Sunday dreaming of Hawaii. :wink:

I thought it was just Ireland , I did like the icon of the ice cream popping out of cone, it did make me smile