Airbnb want to close down my listing in 3 days

I have grown into 25 listings with Airbnb over the past few years. Yesterday I receive a phone call from Airbnb claiming since I have a few units in the same building that qualifies it as pop up hotel. And they ask me to close down all my listing in 3 days. I was more than shocked and can’t believe they are this inflexible. when I have an operation of 10 employees, I can’t just close it down in a few days. Even city by law forbidden Airbnb has a buffer period of 6 months.

Am I entitled to any rights at all in this?

You don’t indicate where you are located and local laws vary greatly but the trend is going in the direction of limiting or prohibiting multiple listings by one host. It’s now the law in San Francisco and NYC.
I doubt you have any recourse with Airbnb. Maybe you can continue on another platform.


I reside in Toronto. I don’t blame Airbnb shifting with the direction of
the law. But in Toronto the law regarding Airbnb hasn’t even come out yet.
Even when the law comes out. The city will allow a buff period from 3 to 6
months. And airbnb is expecting me to cut my business over night.

As of today. My operation is not violating any Airbnb usage term or any
toronto local bylaw.

I feel for you but Airbnb does what it wants and you’ve agreed to arbitration I believe so you can’t sue them. Why not call CS and ask them why they want to shut you down?
I’m guessing that they are anticipating new legislation.


@Supberbdave You have multiple units in the same building that you do not reside in. You’re running a hotel operation. If there is legislation in draft in Toronto you can bet that what Airbnb does NOT want is for that legislation to be passed. They want to show local authorities that they do not allow pop-up hotels of their own accord, without local legislation.


Until the threat of said legislation being passed recedes?

Why dont you have some of your 10 employees make accounts for 1-2 listings and do it that way? That is if what you are doing is truely above board

The more people buy multiple apartments and homes for the specific reason of renting them out on Airbnb the less places there are for people to actually live and reside in an area. You’ve taken 25 apartments out of the available housing market. That drives up the demand and price so affordable housing is a thing of the past.

When this happens it gets the attention of local policy-makers and ultimately threatens everyone on Airbnb in your area that rents out a room or suite in their home, or their own vacation home that are abiding by the original vision of Airbnb.

I know you don’t want to hear it, but I can see why they have this rule, and it is part of their terms and conditions so it shouldn’t be a surprise to you.


Sorry, I have to agree. Pop up hotels are one of the biggest criticisms of Airbnb. I am a one host, one home type host. I live here and rent out my MIL suite. But I don’t like it when Airbnb takes over neighborhoods and runs out residents with large amounts of listings. That is a whole different ballgame and it’s really really destructive to communities. I don’t think Air wants a reputation for doing being that way. They delisted you because they want to stay ahead of the regulations maybe. Maybe become more self regulatory… ? You should have kept it a little more low key.


I am not saying airbnb is wrong to steer away from large operation. But unless having multiple listings as one host is prohibited at the very beginning, hosts are penalized for Airbnb’s own mistake for not clarifying their mandate. At least give hosts time to adjust to your new policy. You can’t expect people to end their operation within days of notice when you didn’t tell them this kind of operation is not what you wanted.

Doesn’t it say in their TOS HOSTS are responsible for finding out the rules in their jurisdiction?
In any event, once they decide you are done, you are done.

Possibly. Who knows. The threat did not recede in New York and I am the absolute first in line to say I supported our legislation 100%.

You might want to consider selling all your properties and buying a hotel or a large house and turning it into a legal hotel.

Hotels are using Airbnb.

In the long run, it might work out better for you. Everything in one property.