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Airbnb vs website

Greetings from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia!
We’re receiving our first Airbnb guests later this month so this is all a new experience for us. In preparation for renting our cottage (which is much loved and used by us) I built a website and shared it on FB. So far we have 17 nights booked (5 through Airbnb and 12 from our website being shared on Facebook).

That’s excellent. Where on facebook did you share it? Your personal page? Travel groups? Regional pages?

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LOL Guess I can’t make paragraphs without it publishing. Our website is thecapecottage.ca So far I haven’t rec’d the greatest impression of Airbnb - the 24-hour response time is a little stressful, the VERY minimal information that you have access to on prospective guests is frustrating. And many of the booking requests are a waste of time. I am a member of the couchsurfing network and have hosted over 100 people over a decade (for free). I’ve suspended my profile as I was being bombarded with requests but I have to say the information you had on prospective guests there is head and shoulders above Airbnb. I’m sure Airbnb walks a very difficult path in their business model and some of their operating mandates are admirable, let alone the publicity you receive for your rental. We’ve denied a lot of bookings so we’re near the bottom of the search list, but that’s ok. I was just wondering if others have the same ratio of Airbnb listings to those received through a website if you have one. I do not have an Airbnb link on our website and it’s not in our immediate plans to add one…

So far we’ve only posted it on Facebook (my personal page) but many of my friends shared it. I also madea Facebook Page for it and update it on a regular basis in addition to a blog on the cottage website that I post to with “engaging” content so that people will like and sometimes share it. I blocked off three of my vacation weeks so those are unavailable to rent. We spend as much time as we can here.

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This is a common complaint. They are barrelling down the road towards the hotel model and away from the home sharing model. If you don’t need them, don’t use them. I think you will find if you build up reviews on Airbnb you can attract better guests and be pickier without it hurting your standing.

Welcome to the forum. You’ll find a wealth of info here for when you do have any trouble.

Thank you so much! Best wishes for a terrific season!

@jaquo, see? Some people have seasons. (inside joke, yourgogirl)


ain’t that the truth. investors managing multiple listings seem to be getting a lot more common than single family home renter rooms. In fact that’s probabaly one of the reasons customer support for 1 owner 1 unit listings get barely any support/help. We’re just not a priority. Personally, I’m done with BnB. 2 years and over 300 guests at $55 a night with over 24 days every month booked and being treated like dirt from customer service is enough for me…I’m done. Got some great stories (nightmares too) and insight though which I’ll happily share

There are quite a few horror stories here, that’s for sure. There are also quite a few of us with one unit or room and no horror stories. You have to manage your listing and manage your expectations. Airbnb is a booking and payment platform. Occasionally they can help mediate a dispute or help you collect money for damages but that’s not their primary function. You should have STR insurance for serious damages, minor damages are the cost of doing business. You have to vet your guests. Don’t want a 19 year old booking your place at xmas? Cancel the reservation, simple.

Over $30,000 in two years, I’ve made about the same amount over 5 but only started getting 20+ nights booked the last 3 years.

What are you going to do now? Long term rental? A different platform? For me, no one can rival Airbnb for bringing me bookings. I have an ensuite room attached to my house. No kitchen or lounge. A tiny room perfect for one night stopovers. Some of the other platforms don’t even accept a rental like mine. And who has time to search multiple sites and or the internet for a place last minute on a road trip?

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Of late I AM doing much better with direct.

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