AirBNB Verification

My new guests just checked in as arranged after a long trip from Sweden to Iceland to Boston. They managed to pack everything into small cases and get themselves to our house without issue. The woman that booked the room is lovely, but, well, young. Turns out she is 16 years old! She is traveling with her grandmother, so I am not concerned about being responsible for her wellbeing, but, is anyone actually looking at the dates on the submitted Government IDs? AirBNB states that you must be 18 years old to use the site, and clearly, this girl is not yet that age.

Not sure how to weed someone out who was this age if AirBNB isn’t following their own rules.


[and I am not going to do anything with this reservation. They both seem to be level-headed, here to visit a relative who is studying at Harvard.]

Submitted government IDs? We’ve had guests from lots of places in Europe and have never seen a “submitted government ID”.

She used a passport as one of her verifications. I think that is about as government as it gets, yes?

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I have never been able to view the Airbnb verifications for my guests. I had a mother book for her 17 year old son who was traveling alone, but it’s only because she brought it to my attention that 1) she was not the one staying and 2) he was 17 but “mature”. I notified Airbnb and they canceled the reservation for me. The biggest flag was she wrote to me that I had very good reviews and she “trusted me with her son.”

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Turns out this young woman has just turned 18, which I learned at breakfast this morning. Jet lag and a foreign language tripped her up yesterday. So, still do not know if the verification process is checking ages, but this person didn’t slip through the system.

I’ve called Airbnb because I’ve had guests that have the Government ID as one of their Certified ID’S and their Airbnb profile has them as US residents, but when they arrive and we visit they are neither citizens or residents so I asked Airbnb how come their profile is misrepresented and the employee refused to discuss the issue with me. I enjoy and have better luck with my non American guests, my concern is we rely on Airbnb to screen these Guests, we aren’t allowed to see the ID’S and this is happening.

You never have to let someone into your home. Put in your profile that you will be checking that the ID matches the person booked. When they arrive have a look at their ID at check in.