Airbnb updating Terms of Service, Payments Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy

Got this from Airbnb, didn’t see anything alarming, anyone else?

You can review the new Terms by clicking here. We’ve also put up information to explain these changes in more detail on our Terms of Service Update page. Both the old and new versions of the Terms can be found at the Terms of Service, Payments Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy, tabs through April 27, 2019. You should review these Terms in full yourself.


I honestly can’t read all that again. I just hope that big news will be posted here on the forum.


Perhaps you would be kind enough to precis it for us please??? Neither can I be bothered to wade through it all again!


I skimmed it the other day and most of it seemed to relate to European STR and payments. But I only skimmed.

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On another forum, there is a long discussion about what appears to be permission for third-party bookings. The statement is in the Payment Terms, section 5.2:
" 5.2 You may authorize a third party to use your Airbnb Account in accordance with the Airbnb Terms. You acknowledge and agree that anyone you authorize to use your Airbnb Account may use the Payment Services on your behalf and that you will be responsible for any payments made by such person."

The problem is that there is no corresponding authorization for site-wide third-party bookings in the general Terms of Service.

Anyone a member of a forum that has discussed this and gotten input from AirBnB for clarification?

I was hoping there would be more responses to the changes in Terms of Service. I know I take it very seriously whenever they make changes. As I won’t be taking bookings until April I hope to see some updates on this topic before then.