Airbnb Undercharges Guest

Hi I am new to Airbnb. I listed my House at $299 and Airbnb at checkout only charged the guest $50 a night.
They agreed it was a computer issue but is refusing to pay me what is left. The guest of course does not want to pay it because of corse Airbnb made the mistake.

Airbnb is telling me my dates will be blocked regardless of me accepting or declining her reservation.

Does anyone have any tips- I thought this was pretty unfair

Also she booked 10 days!

Correction, Airbnb will block my dates rather I cancel or keep her reservation. It has already been excepted. I did not know of the issue until I revived my receipt after the guest booked.

I’ve never heard of this. If Airbnb made the mistake you need to keep contacting them to fix it or cancel the guest without penalty to you. Maybe posting your problem on twitter will help.

Ok thank you very much!

Very strange. I guess it might be a currency issue. Perhaps you are talking about some foreign $$ and Airbnb is talking about US$. Please double-check.

No it’s not the guest is located here in the USA. They told us they had a
glitch in there system

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Something seems off here. I would keep calling them and also message them on twitter.

I think @Eberhard_Blocher was asking where are YOU located and what is your currency, if different than USD.

I also agree, keep calling until you get someone that will help you.

Hi we are also located in the USA. Yes we are trying but they keep telling
us the same thing.

Try reaching out on Twitter or Facebook? Was it an Instant Book reservation by any chance?

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Sounds like incorrect pricing on the calendar to me!

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My thought as well…

I wouldn’t necessarily assume it’s a host error. From another perspective, I just made a booking as a guest, and the total in the confirmation email was different to the price I was shown at the time of booking on their website (and, yes, it was in the same currency). I fortuitously took screenshots of the pages, and am waiting to see what Airbnb will do. There are definitely errors on the website like this, which is concerning.

@zoe how were you able to take screenshots? Did you still have the booking page open and a different page for your email open?

Or are you saying the base price shown when browsing the listing was not what you were charged?

This was a booking modification.

On the Alter Reservation page the difference was clearly stated (Difference: + $X.XX USD). For some reason, before clicking the confirmation button, I thought to screenshot the page to confirm these details. On the actual formal Alteration Request page, all these details were confirmed again. The original booking and a breakdown of the total price was displayed beside the new booking information, pending the host accepting the changes.

This morning, when my host accepted the request, the confirmation email I received gave completely different information. I luckily had the Alteration Request page open still, which I screenshot as further documentation, and emailed Airbnb for an explanation (and a refund of the difference).

Obviously, it’s not quite the same situation. However, there are clearly errors in the booking process that can result in differences in prices shown on the website and in the total charged to the guest.

No it’s not at all the same situation. In the case where you made a booking alternation the host has made changes to their calendar in the meantime (and before accepting your booking modification) and that’s what’s affected you in your case.

This is a known issue -it’s not even a glitch.

While that certainly is plausible, at least in my experience, when a guest submits a Alteration Request, even if I change my calendar, the prices on the request remain fixed.

Not in my experience of making an alteration as a guest for one months stay in Mexico. I reduced my stay by 4 days and the system said I owed the host an additional £300! It was purely because of calendar changes and base price changes the host had made since my original booking a few months earlier; the system recalculated across my whole booking and left me in the bizarre situation where I technically owed the host money. Only Airbnb were able to correct the obvious error.

Oh, that is rather troublesome. I can see where you’re coming from.

However, you said the system showed you this. So was it during the process of requesting this alteration that the additional charges appeared? Presumably, when you went to submit a request to alter the booking, the form showed you that you would be charged more, rather than after being initially shown that you would receive a refund, and then, after submitting a request with a refund being confirmed, you were subsequently charged? (Sorry, that was wordy.)

No it initially showed a refund.