Airbnb TV Series

The BBC are currently looking for UK based design-minded Airbnb Hosts to present a possible new series.

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More detail please!

It’s for a series in development and they are looking for stylish Airbnb hosts to makeover spare spaces for newbie Airbnb-ers. Helping them to transform the space and get guest-ready!
They are looking for people to apply currently if you are interested you can contact Becky Morrison on 0117 307 2300

Thanks Becky. Somewhat different from what I was expecting! I’m not sure it is something I would have time for, but I will call you tomorrow.

If you are with Plimsoll Productions, I sent an email to their info@ but not to Becky Morrison. It may find it’s way to you if so!

Hi @becky_plimsoll

Are you offering a fee to seasoned hosts giving up their time/expertise to do this?


Are you offering FREE makeovers like the home makeover programs in the US do? Otherwise, why would hosts waste the time?

I’d rather do my makeover on “This Old House” in the US because my remodel would get 13 weeks of exposure on PBS, plus reruns. Unfortunately, their very honest show requires that the homeowner have contractor, subs, landscaper, and designers all lined up, as well as bank financing, and at present I don’t have any of them…

Yes there would be a fee we wouldn’t expect people to do it on good will

This is a UK show. Is isn’t remodelling current Airbnbs but Airbnb Hosts helping new people set up their own.

Thanks Joan I have received it. Thank you!

Do feel free to send me a PM then @becky_plimsoll

I’d LOVE to do it and you wouldn’t have to pay me!. Sadly I’m in Spain though … but I’m very design-minded!