Airbnb Travel Insurance - can not find any info

I thought that airbnb was now offering travel insurance. When I did a search on this forum I found this link:

but it says “Airbnb is providing this information for general educational purposes only. Airbnb does not currently offer travel insurance or endorse the products or services of any travel insurance companies, agents, or brokers?”

Did Airbnb say they now offered it or am I mistaken?

No they don’t offer it, they merely encourage guests to look into getting it.


Keep scrolling. Lower in the article is this:

Airbnb doesn’t offer travel insurance directly, they now have a relationship with

They have all the educational text so avoid liability if the insurance doesn’t pay.

On a different host forum, apparently would not cover Airbnb stays in the past. requires information Airbnb doesn’t always have on their platform so I doubt it will ever be quick easy offering.

A couple of the property management companies in my area do something similar but more concisely by saying, “Your reservation is non-refundable after xx/xx/xx. We suggest you consider travel insurance if you must cancel your trip for any reason such as personal illness, weather or other.” And takes them to a provider link.

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As it says Airbnb don’t offer travel insurance they just direct guests to a comparison site for quotes @Lynick4442 and of course will get a commission from said site for anyone who takes out insurance