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AirBnB to team up with Australian Transport Workers Union to promote ethical delivery services


I am still trying to get my head around this but here is the article.

It seems ABB is paying TWU (Transport Workers Union) union members who become hosts $150 and also promoting the use of “ethical” ride sharing and delivery companies of which there are currently zero. And $50 towards a union slush fund. I am not anti-union but I can smell a standover deal when I see one. I still can’t work out what that means for ABB hosts like me, probably nothing and I can’t get delivery in my area anyway. There has been a bit in the press here lately about underpaid delivery riders for Deliveroo etc and of course the ongoing controversy about Uber etc though most of that has been sorted by bribing, I mean compensating, licensed taxi plate owners. It hasn’t been connected directly to AirBnB before.

Anyone see something similar in their own country?


Interesting, quite weird even. I’ve not seen or heard anything similar in the UK, and I’m sure The Guardian would pick it up at speed here too. We have lots of reporting and commentary on the “gig economy” and exploitation of so called self employed workers, with court cases/tribunals/class action suites on the go; commentary in parliament etc., and from the relevant Trades Unions but zilch on a tie up with ABB. I can’t even imagine that happening really; like, why?

What is interesting in the article you posted is the mention of superannuation rights. Superannuation just about still exists in the public sector in the UK, but final salary schemes in the private sector disappeared yonks ago.


Actually what we call superannuation is what you call “defined contribution”. Yes, we gave you chardonnay o’clock and avocado toast but also destroyed your defined benefits pension schemes by showing the companies of the world they could avoid huge pension payouts in the future by paying a little bit now (and basically not paying it if you are casual worker in the so called gig economy).


I can only assume AirBNb is laying the ground to get into the food delivery business. Perhaps use Union muscle to get rid of competitors.

My State provides final salary, pretty much gone elsewhere, it is Billions underfunded, a ticking time bomb. ame goes for elsewhere in the US.


One possibility is that ABB has noticed the backlash against the gig economy ie underpaying casual workers and providing poor conditions, and wants to plant itself firmly on the side of the angels by ensuring unions, who are leading the charge, don’t include their name in the list of miscreants with ensuing bad publicity. If they are doing it here I assume they will soon start doing it elsewhere where similar issues have arisen.


AirBnB is a major part of the Gig economy. Look at how they seek to drive down prices at Hosts expense.


Yes it did occur to me they are looking to avoid negative publicity about exploiting hosts who don’t have a clear idea about the true costs involved so undercharge, like Uber drivers are forced to. I thought though ABB was part of the “sharing economy” and the “gig economy” referred to people on short term,casual or zero hours contracts. In Australia the term “gig” usually refers to a band gig.


Are the sharing and gig economy much different? Let us just say there is a very large overlap.

These are terms that I doubt any 2 people could agree what they exactly mean.

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