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Airbnb to make a change announcement tomorrow (Wednesday 5/11)

Airbnb announcing changes.

They’ve been teasing about travel insurance. We shall see.


Its going to be about search, unique homes, designs, you can already see on the app it’s changed from today.


Whenever I see “Brian Chesky announcing exciting updates”, I always grit my teeth waiting for what new host-unfriendly thing it will encompass.

Like their “exciting new update” that they had “listened” to hosts and added a pet fee on the booking form. (failing to mention that it only allows a one time, not daily pet fee, regardless of the number of pets, that they eliminated the pet friendly filter, and that they accompanied it with wording advising guests to “let your host know if you are bringing more than 2 pets”).


Wasn’t that “let your host know if you are lucky enough to bring more than two pets”?


Yes, I think so. I seem to recall it was something like “lucky enough to be travelling with…” And it is also accompanied by wording about service dogs that seems to encourage guests claiming they have a service dog.

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Well, the redesign is unveiled. I wonder how they will fix their mistakes in categorizations? We have an incredible view from our property (my avatar), but we aren’t showing up under “amazing views” - and neither are most of our neighbors that have similar views.

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I have amazing views of rice fields and jungle but that’s not even a category under the views.

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I have a jungle view as well and have always been a bit miffed that it doesn’t seem to be anything the Airbnb site designers can imagine. Same with river view.

I did notice that they finally added “French press” as a coffee-making method recently, which has oddly, as it’s quite common, always been missing.

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To give feedback to Airbnb about the changes, here are two Airbnb feedback tools.

I don’t like the revised calendar search function. If you search without dates then look at the map function, all listings do not display.

Do you realize how many Lake view listings there are on Air? The server has to go through millions and millions of listings to pick those to highlight. You would have to do your part to update your description, title, listing copy and photos before you would have a chance.

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