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Airbnb to build "hotels"?

I am surprised that no one mentioned it ?

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Hmm… I dunno. Looks interesting! My initial feeling is that it’d be very easy to be cynical about this but equally it’d be really easy to be naive about it too. Definitely something to keep an eye on…

First I’ve heard of this … Interesting

A fake ‘real live’ experience…

Live with a host! Only not…

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I agree it’s an hotel manage by locals…I don’t see so much difference on it.

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You know in English we call it ‘spin’. Telling the truth with lots and lots of flavor to make it appear to be different from the actual truth. Reminds me of Disney land - which I haven’t been to since the early 80s - everything was fake, made to look like something that it wasn’t

This is a very surprising move since AirBNB has been a platform only, not at all tied to any form of development or real estate acquisition. I wonder if this is due to the increasing threats of regulation that are seeking outright bans of AirBNB and the company is wondering about possible directions to pursue if markets (our houses) are closed?

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Love it! That’s a meme waiting to happen :smile: @dcmooney they should hire you to do their marketing lol!

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Airbnb’s business model is being made illegal all over the world. City after city is making it illegal to rent whole homes (and in some cases shared homes) in non-commercially zoned areas. Making money off of our homes is not going to take them into the next decade. As I understand it, they are not even profitable yet, which I don’t really understand.

“…exploring new attitudes towards sharing and trust.”

I find that freaking hilarious considering they let a guest up-sell my home on another web platform without my permission, without compensation to me or consequences to the guest. Sharing and trust. That’s rich.

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