Airbnb to accept Bitcoin, would you want to accept that?

So this is not official yet but I’ve been hearing that Airbnb will accept Bitcoin as payment later this year to compete with apparently Uber and, which apparently accepts Bitcoin:

Which Online Retailers Accept Bitcoin In 2017

Would you want to get paid out in Bitcoin? It’s been going up from $1000 dollars a coin to $5000 just last week, and they are saying it will go up to $10,000 soon! It seems a little risky but that could potentially double your earnings?


For sure but I’m in Silicon Valley. I don’t think many ppl on this forum is into crypto currency. Not the right persona / psychographic.

Feels like a bubble to me, and we know what happens to them…


What is a Bitcoin anyway. Can you buy milk with it? It sounds like Twitter to me, and I’m simply not interested.

Just because Airbnb accepted payment in Bitcoin, it doesn’t mean they’d pay out with it.


I was thinking the same thing. They might accept BTC from customers, but will likely pay the host out in the host’s currency.


gold, euro and would consider a barter that’s my limit

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How many cows do you charge for your room per night? :smiling_imp:


Bartering…I had a flashback to my trip to Egypt wa-ay back when. A semi-toothless soldier holding an automatic rifle and a strap of bullets across his chest walked up to me and said he would pay three camels if I would marry him.

As I was stuttering with fear, my partner walked up and asked what was going on. The soldier turned to him, gave a big near toothless grin and repeated the offer. My partner took my arm and we walked away.

I said, “Why didn’t you say anything to him?” He replied, “I was holding out for five camels.”


Chickens would be my preferred livestock as I live in the city, but a good electrician or plumber we could offer bed and even consider home made cooking, made with locally sourced foods all freshly made. Am in the market for two en suites (we will buy the sanitary ware, naturally) The only problem would be, an almost guarantee weight gain ( lots of butter )

Bahahah. Sandy. Reminds me of when we lived in West Africa as teenagers. My dad was a defense attaché at the American embassy. We were walking through the town market one day (to be sure a super safe place back then) and a Lebanese guy (probably toothless) offered him two goats for my SISTER. I was apparently not even worth one goat. I remember feeling vaguely insulted! (Maybe it was because she was already a 34 C and I was a mere 32 A if that. )



(I’m rolling! Yep, that was probably the reason (ha!)…just kidding.)

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Jamie Dimon comments on this today, JP Morgan CEO

I have concerns about Bitcoin, notably its susceptibility to hacking. If Airbnb will pass along any gains and losses I would seriously consider it especially for shorter stays. If Airbnb doesn’t plan to pass along any gains and losses I don’t see any advantage to accepting Bitcoin.

It isn’t. The blockchain is more robust than the infrastructure used by several banks, such as the one run by a certain Dimon.

Accepting payment in Bitcoin is not any different than, say an American accepting Yen or Swiss Franks or British Pounds. The risk (losses and gains) is in the conversion to your currency. No external party would take that risk once you’ve been paid you’ve been paid.

He would say that wouldn’t he, it’s massively going to impact his bottom line.

Wonder if Blythe Masters has yet responded to what he’s said.

There are many who disagree with you about Bitcoin’s susceptibility to hacking.

The original poster pointed out that the advantage to accepting Bitcoin would be its increase in value. If Airbnb was reaping all the rewards and taking all the risks of accepting Bitcoin why would any host accept it? I won’t accept a different currency than U. S. Dollars. I wasn’t talking about once I’ve been paid. Airbnb collects the payment from the guest when they book. Airbnb pays the host the day after the stay begins. Sometimes there are months in between during which the value of Bitcoin would fluctuate.

Sensationalist and tabloid. Do you want to get discussing the technical details of cryptocurrency and the blockchain??

The whole idea of Bitcoin is not to use centralized institutions, so using exchanges (such as Mt Gox) is against the grain of the idea - still I’ll read the full article carefully later to give a clearer response.

AFAIK Airbnb is not offering to pay hosts in BTC, only allow guests to use that currency to book. Hosts are always paid in their ‘home’ ccy.

Bitcoin or not this is how it’s always been, guest pays in their currency - Yen, Rand, Pound… host gets in theirs after the time lapse you mention - Airbnb has (probably) shouldered the risk and attendant losses and gains based on ccy movement.

You can buy what ever you want. Bitcoin is nomisma (coin money like any other only that it dosent go through the banks but throigh wallets imediatelly

Tell him that maybe he should change his work and start saying farry tails to the new borns