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Airbnb Throw NYC Owners With More Than 1 Property Off Of Site


I’m hearing reports that as of last week Airbnb are removing property listings in New York City if owners have more than one listing.

Here’s what’s happening,

On Tuesday afternoon I got a call from a woman saying they were closing my account forever. She said they’d honor my reservations for the rest of the year and that I was now so unwelcome that I could never use AirBnb again!
I’ve had a couple listings for about 3 years that are always full and never a hassle.

Given my history with them, I asked for an explanation. What followed was a carefully nuanced corporate explanation befitting of a company whose years are clearly numbered. She said she couldn’t tell me why and I said that’s ridiculous because obviously I’d been singled out.
All she said is that I had failed to provide an ‘authentic’ experience meaning I have too many listings. I really want to find out what others have experienced because something clearly occurred for them to single me out. Please post your experiences.

Read the full story on rentmoreweeks.com (I can’t post a link here for some reason)


That’s interesting. What does it actually say in the T&C on Air’s site about it??


I haven’t looked Kirsty Jane, but I’m not sure that they changed the T&C last week.
Even if they did they should really inform people via a press release so that owners and hosts know where they stand.
They are messing with peoples lives and it seems pretty vague as to why (and where) (and when).


I have also just received this from an owner

Airbnb took a very similar action on Friday morning with our account that has Santa Monica and San Diego listings. We have not had the courtesy of a phone call or email. We have inquired with multiple departments at Airbnb and have yet to receive a response.

I still can’t add a link to the story see rentmoreweeks.com for details


I read about it somewhere. I think the reason was not exactly that a host doesn
provide authentic experience but it has something to do with tax regulations in NY and CA. It was speculated that Airbnb is a a huge competition to hotel industry and hosts avoid paying taxes. That’s why authorities was filing complains in court and were questioning Airbnb activity. To avoid it Airbnb just cancells those who stand out with multiple listings.

There are other sites that your property can be listed. Though Airbnb perfected their booking process with collecting payments, Booking.com for example can be’ a nice alternative. I listed my rooms there few month ago, and though the whole thing is not as clear cut as Airbnb , I managed to get few very nice reservations with higher charges that I could never get with Airbnb.


Yana… is booking.com always on Instant Book? That would be a downside for me. Although I know you like IB.


Yes of course it’s like any other booking site. They are more difficult to manage ( long story), but you get more money from these bookings than Airbnb. I am aiming for them during high season, though it’s MUCH easier with Airbnb the whole operation.
But it’s good to know if smth like described above happens thee is a back up version

Also my question: what is wrong with Flipp key people?.


@Yana_Agapova… FlopKey? :slight_smile:
Well, they tend to attract unsophisticated travelers. They collect the entire deposit in cash and don’t give it back for two weeks. They have a limited amount of space for description… So you really can’t say all you need to say to screen out the wrong kinds of guests. ALL their customer service is farmed out to India.

According to some hosts here, they charge the traveler between 13-15%. @cabinhost may have some additional feedback on them.

My listing is still up with them, but I REALLY DISLIKE them.


People that contact me through TA never like my quote. Don’t they see it before inquiry? They don’t realize it’s just a room not a whole house, want to bring their dog and stay 3 month


Yeah, see what I mean!? They don’t get it. They are unsophisticated. They might never have booked a place online before and are new at this. Don’t get it. Also, I think the quotes appear higher because TA’s fees are so much higher. AND… they collect the deposit in cash as part of the booking (whereas Air’s is just a credit card imprint? I could be wrong) Yeah… FK/TA are a crappy platform. I had one good guest come through them, and I got him to find me on Air.


I thought no one could hate them more than me! We agree on something finally! And it doesn’t involve biscotti or taxes! :slight_smile:


I also think that because the Trip Advisor logo and brand is attached to it, the travelers feel extra entitled and smug. I have had only three guests walk off property in 5.5 years of this. TWO were FlopKey… How did they get so mismatched with my property that they got here and hated it so much they walked off??? The guy over the summer arrived and hated my place, wanted to know why it had no TV and took me to task on a laundry list of complaints.

Sometimes guests will write and just say, “Is your condo available?” And it’s not a condo! Grrr… Hate Trip Abysmal and FlopKey!


Here in Hawaii it’s 4.167% excise tax on that same biscotti! But let’s agree not to go there!


True, biscotti and Kona coffee are a good pairing. As are lanai’s, mai tais and sunsets. :slight_smile:


I have never even had an inquiry from Flipkey!; all my bookings come from airbnb.


Diamond, are you listed with them? And not a single inquiry? Consider yourself lucky :slight_smile:


I’m beginning to think so too if I do get an inquiry I may just tell them to find me on Airbnb since it’s smoother transaction


Be careful how you word it. Even if you refer to it obscurely: “Find me on that site that starts with A and is what you breathe,” FK will block that. I tried… :slight_smile:


95# Rottweiller that only smokes two cigars a day … omg you’re on a roll!! Thanks for starting my day with a laugh!!


I don’t know why they think it’s a house when it says spacious room with private bath. . One woman wanted to stay for 65$ 4 people though it says 2, and was asking if there is an extra charge for the other 2. And she thanked me for offering such a beautifull property, hehe. I mean, really, how can you be so not in touch with reality that even if you thought it was a whole house but the minuscule rent did not arise any suspicions as why it is so low, …and may be…it’s not so??
May be people don’t know thereis such a thing as to rent just a room in someone’s house?

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