AirBnB Testing Hosts?

A bit of a weird one here, we all received the AirBnB fairness thing about discrimination etc, and this week I got a booking from a black girl - new on Air, verified, no reviews. I accepted her, we had a quick chat about arrival etc, and today she cancelled. I’m just wondering if this is a test or a genuine, has anyone else received a request like this?

Who knows. Aliens might be out there too …

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Probably not. If you think about it those completely new to air are probably most likely to cancel. She chickened out and booked a hotel instead

And what if they are testing? Congrats! You passed the test :innocent:


Can we still set it so that we only accept guests who are verified and has reviews?

Yes, but the verbiage is a bit different than that. [Went to take a screen shot, and that page has changed again!]

So, it isn’t that they have a review; it that they have been recommended by another host.