Airbnb terminate my account while pending my payment

How i can get my payment??my guest checkin at 14/12 until now i didnt get any payment…my account also being terminate.i dun know why…please help me

Have you spoken with AirBNB and asked them? What did they say?

Call AirBnb. If you get no satisfaction from your local/regional Customer Service, wait until it is at least 9AM in California, then call the US number to get an American Customer Service person

I already talk to airbnb but never get the answer…i ask why my payment not get n why my account is disable…the answer i got only why my account has been disable…my question why my payment not get still i dont get


I’ve got the same situation here. Airbnb blocked my host account and still they did not transfer money from my Airbnb host account. How did you get your payment? Does anyone on this forum has or had same situation?