Airbnb Teams - don't want to lose Superhost

This is a question for anybody using the Airbnb Teams feature.

Background: I have helped a host set up a listing under his account (and there will likely be a few more). If I set myself up as a cohost then I have the option of being the primary host and my name appearing or him staying the primary host and his name appearing with me appearing as the cohost underneath.

If I remove myself as a cohost and instead set my account up as a Teams account and invite him then as far as I’m aware my name will show up on the listing. Fine by me but will any bad reviews on his listing show up under my name or affect my Superhost status?

I want to keep any properties owned by others that I manage under my Teams account separate from my own property (which has great reviews and Superhost). I’m concerned that the new properties that I’m thinking of taking on are lower-spec than my own - the owner doesn’t give a flying monkey whether he gets bad reviews or not.

Is this how Teams works?

I don’t know how Teams works, but reviews appear under the account that the accommodation is listed under.

Thanks, that is what I hope happens, just want to double check before I plunge in