Airbnb specialty alternatives

Wall Street Journal article. Looks like a pay wall but you can click through it to the article

I’m not understanding the purpose of this article. MY place is a safe space for Black travelers, LGBTQ, etc. AS SHOULD ALL AIRBNB SPACES.


It feels like segregation all over again! I agree with Rolf. All places should be safe for everyone. We should not be categorizing folks.

Agreed but we know they aren’t. There are bigots everywhere.

Also many times in this forum we talked about news headlines demonizing Airbnb when Airbnb was not connected to the residence or event being reported

It isn’t like the green book of places to stay; meaning no one is requiring anyone to stay anyplace. I think the intention is to openly indicate acceptance.


Given the number of FB posts I was seeing pre-pandemic from black guests who were reported to police and/or harassed by Karens and Nosy Parkers for AirBnB’ing While Black, I’m not surprised that black guests might like a guide or site to let them know that renting a whole house for Grandma’s 90th birthday in a particular neighborhood could make the difference between a great and memorable occasion and a weekend being hassled by neighbors and cops, or that your welcoming host’s neighbors are racist assholes.

It may not be the fault of the host, but if I was a black stranger to a city, I’d want to rent from hosts in an upscale mostly black or ethnically mixed neighborhood, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about being hassled for Walking Around While Black. It’s real. I’ve had black friends in Oregon and Washington cities get hassled while walking in upscale white neighborhoods with me.

I’m fortunate enough to live in a town and neighborhood where it doesn’t happen often, and AFAIK none of my minority guests have had any problems here.

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My AirBnBs are in a small town in West Virginia (population about 30k). It’s very ethnically and racially UNdiverse (93% white). I’ve had potential guests query me about their safety in our area. So far, no problems, and hopefully they know, from the picture in the listing of my “Hate Has No Home Here” sign, that it’s a safe place. That said, no place is free of racial and ethnic prejudices and issues.

I’m down in the Blue Ridge mountains in southwest Virginia this weekend, staying at a lovely AirBnB on a century farm, and within 30 miles of here is a white supremacist enclave that proudly announces itself as such! :scream::rage: I’m sure many folks, seeing that, would not feel safe here in this area. I can see why some folk feel the need for specialty alternatives.