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AirBnB SmartHome Technology

Incase you guys didn’t know, AirBnB is buying a company called Vivint Smart Home. I work for them, we will be launching 180 test locations with our smart home tech. Give you FREE equipment, and expect some constructive feedback on how it all works for AirBnB guests… DO NOT GO THIRD PARTY. AirBnB just invested 100 million into us, and are planning on buying us, we will be in-house.

E-mail me with a link to your listing at ShaneSagar@Live.com

It’ll come with smart door locks, that auto generate number keys for the length of guests stay.

Wireless Thermostats that guests can control up to an hour before there check-in (you can set limits)

Wireless cameras, and doorbell alarms.

Controlled lights, and other advanced home automation.

Now all the equipment, installation, and a lot more is COMPLETELY FREE… The one downside is that not very many people can qualify. It is first come first serve, so e-mail me ASAP ShaneSagar@live.com

Please include, your name, e-mail, phone number, and a link to your listing. ShaneSagar@live.com

Shane Sagar

Oh and if you’re tech savvy, then include your Host ID. This will make my life easier trying to qualify everyone. I’m really excited about this partnership, so please… Serious Inquiries only.

Hi there, I did a search of the company. Do you have a response for some of these reviews?

From what I see normally there’s some kind of monthly fee? Is that correct? Would a host be able to keep this if they suddenly stopped hosting or if they moved?

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Wow pretty bad reviews, will it be any better under Airbnb? If it sounds too good to be true …
But then again the beds turned out ok!

Yes the beds are great!

I think they give free installation and equipment to everyone free, then you sign a $3000 monitoring agreement.

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I would wait on an official announcement with this company, they are notorious for screwing people in my area.

Only us or europe too?

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