Airbnb server breakdown right now?

Anybody experiencing that? No phone service, no app, no nothing!

Yes. It happens often. Hopefully it will be resolved soon as we are awaiting payment for an extra person on a reservation.

Thank you @Sarah_39, I need to solve the situation with a third party booking urgently.

You can still call Airbnb I think. Try that and see if they can cancel the booking or come to some other solution.

Yes I tried, but nobody is taking the call, I’m on hold, listening to their music.

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Yes, it’s been down for me for about an hour. I was in the midst of messaging a host about a possible booking in October. It’s not urgent but think of all the people for whom it is.

Pro tip: when you get a booking save the cell number so you have a back up way to contact the guest in case the site goes down. You also then have it in the future because after the reservation is over Airbnb hides it again. And if you want to really be on top of things ask them for their email address when they book.


Yes, Norway/ .no is also seems like it is closed down at the moment … :face_with_monocle:

Imagine how many people are calling with “urgent” issues on top of all the people calling for other reasons.

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Yes, been down all morning for me. Both the app and the platform. Good reminder about saving the current guests phone number. I should have written them down. aaarrrgghhh

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It’s back up now for me!

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Yes @KKC. I was able to send the guest a message, but I real need the conversation, for documentation, to appear at the airbnb thread.

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Now it’s back :slight_smile:


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Yes, here too!! Thanks!

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