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Airbnb sent me a Starbucks gift card....I think?

I just received a $15 Starbucks Egift from “Sabrina and friends” at Airbnb.

I suppose it is legit but I will call the 1-800 number instead of clicking on the link. But what the hell am I supposed to do with an Egift?

I haven’t been to a Starubucks in many years so I am not on the up and up of how a Egift works…I always paid in person. Anyone here know how it works?

If you’ve got a smart phone just download the Starbucks app, then enter the numbers on your gift card. I love paying with the phone app.

I still don’t understand though. How do I go to a Starbucks and spend $15 when they ask me for money? I don’t need a physical gift card? I apologize if this a silly questions, but I don’t use apps…at least not yet :smile:

How ironic that Airbnb, which trades on the distinctiveness of different parts of the world, would offer a Starbucks gift who are a company who thrive on the idea of the world becoming a culturally homogenised mush. :confused:

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All you need is the serial number from the eCard. Write it down or print it out. Or bring it up on your phone–open the email and show the barista.

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I see- thanks. I just printed it out.

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I’m jealous. Where’s mine ABB? :o

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