AirBnB sending CO and Smoke Detectors for Free

Though the link is for Canada Airbnb but I just tried for my address in UK and it seems to work, instantly receievd email conformation of my order too. Good luck until it arrives

Here is the link

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Thanks I’m in the UK too and sent off for mine last week, let’s see if they turn up :slight_smile:

Thank you for the info. Just put in an order.

Works for Australia too. Just put my order in

I got a set ages ago, but they never worked,

How do I know that mine will be free? There is a paragraph stating that some are to be paid out of payouts?

Got mine last year when they were last offering the promotion. And then I realised my property is 100% electric and I therefore don’t need a carbon monoxide detector.

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I’ve been waiting about a year now for my CO2 detector. :frowning:
I tried to reorder through the link above and the button to order is greyed out - “we’re preparing your order”. Don’t hold your breath.