Airbnb search secrets revealed

Did anyone get this email I got today?

Here’s a link to the page this directs us to

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Yes. And the blog it links to was already posted here in a couple of different threads. One I posted here but I got it from someone else who posted before me.

And thanks for giving me the opportunity to say how much I hate any article that claims they are going to be revealing “secrets.” If it was secret they wouldn’t be telling us. LOL.


Propaganda pushing IB and Smart Pricing :nauseated_face:


Got the propaganda mail. It did point out that some of the things people have been blaming for not being in Searches were not valid…

I just think they are wrong about making daily calendar changes. It really seems to work!

Within the last hour I was looking at my calendar and the tips for getting booked pop up on the right. I wasn’t booked for tonight and one slide said “use the price tip for tonight.” It was a reduction from $39 to $33. So I thought, why not? I got booked within an hour of making the change. It does make me wonder if that moved me up in search or if I would have booked anyway. Luckily it’s a two person booking so $38, only a buck less than not using the tip.


Sometimes I get enquiries for events in my city which are 12 months in the future. I only take bookings 6 months in advance. So I have a choice to either decline “because the guest is asking for different dates” and risk dropping in search lists, or accept and not have the guest book and risk dropping in search list.
I wish there was a way to stop guests asking for other dates.

Could you put something in your listing about not taking inquires for dates more than 6 months in the future? I know many don’t read our listings but it might stop the occasional inquiry.

Great idea. Thanks! I’ll pop it somewhere near the top when there is a popular event coming up.

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I’m usually the first to call out Airbnb on their crap but actually I think this is a welcome new openness about the search function. You might not like the answers but at least they’ve actually addressed the questions that hosts have asked. That’s a first, I think. Usually it’s just pretty pictures and telling you about some changes to the site that were made 3 months ago and you already got used to.


I do understand the reluctance about Instant Book and I think it’s a mistake to push it so hard. Airbnb’s unique point was the home-sharing and the personal connection - they are going to end up just like every other rental service out there eventually.



Please forgive me if my question is left of center. I haven’t finished my morning coffee. Are you saying you absolutely DON’T want reservations greater than 6 months in advance? I understand if you don’t.

I’m sharing that I’ve found a work-around if you have the occasion that you want to accept the occasional reservation that is greater than 6 months in advance.

I haven’t changed my booking in advance window for every one. I’ve used it to book a lovely family who are repeat guests for several Wake Forest University event weekends. (New Guests are silver, repeat GREAT guests are gold). Go into your calendar, select the nights, unblock them & adjust your rate if necessary. If there is a current inquiry for the wrong dates, send them a special offer for the newly opened dates. Or they need to request those dates immediately.


I found this on there;
“Is it true that if guests add my listing to their wishlists, my listing will get a little boost in the search results?
Yes! When travelers add your listing to their wishlist, it does indeed help your search ranking!”

Maybe like with Facebook and asking people to “Like” your page, we could ask people to add us to their wishlist.

Thanks for that. I have done that on occasion but the event which has just been announced is 12 months away. Have you experienced when you open up special dates and adjusted the rate that guests complain about the increase in price? I’ve had that happen before.


Fair question about guests complaining about event pricing:

My explanation would be:
“This rate is lower than what I will list on the unit closer to the event date. I appreciate your willingness to book this far in advance.”

If they continue to push:
“My listed price is a base price. Like others in this area the rate adjusts based upon demand. If demand falls, I may reduce rates for a short time. Also, there is event pricing during graduation weekends, film festivals, and furniture market…”

The one time I had a potential guest complain about my event rate, I told him: “It’s important to me that you be happy. Please, take some time to look around and see if there is a rental you like better. Whatever you decide is OK.” Two days later he booked for the original reservation plus two days.