Airbnb Search Results Show No More Unique Titles

Did anyone else notice that all listings have NO MORE unique Titles in airbnb search results?

It’s just your first picture and only ‘Price Per Night’ is displayed - No more personalisation of the Main Title for your listing

Not happy with this change - can anyone explain why this would yield better results?

Let’s share thoughts?

It’s been noted already on other threads. I don’t like it because I used my title to convey info about my listing. I don’t know why they changed it but it certainly makes that first picture important. @diamond54 just posted that it was slow and right after she changed her picture she got bookings and bookmarks.

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I still have the titles in my anonymous browser and in my AirBNB browser. I think this “feature” is still in testing.

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Mine is changed too! Don’t like it at all!

Yeah, I hate it - as I shared in the other thread. Air won’t be happy until we are all anonymous like hotel rooms.


I show unique titles both from an anonymous login and my regular listing login.

I had no idea, Im really disappointed in this as my title indicated advantages I have that others in my area don’t! Whats the point of the title now? On a positive note, my listing came up first of hundreds of private rooms I searched, no idea why but Im happy. I must be in Airs good books this week.

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My listing always seem to come up first for me when I search my area. It makes me think it’s because they are mine and it’s my IP address is saved or something.

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It has been noted here previously that it’s set up so that everyone sees their own listing first unless you search for a day when you’re booked as @FtWorthGal said.

There’s another thread where they link to an article touting how the listing description is now larger and more important than ever. When I search I don’t see them. So…which is it?

Yes…it’s just a private room. Try to find your listing on Hipmunk and see how no house rules are shown…I think it only shows up there if you have everything set to instant book. Is anyone who is NOT on Instant Book seeing a decline in bookings?

Oh bum, thanks for letting me know

I am on Instant Book and also have the suitcase that shows my house is suitable for business travellers, yet I have had a dramatic drop-off in enquiries in the past month. I have noticed that the headline price for my property is showing up as higher than the lowest daily rate I offer when you don’t input any dates, and when I input dates the headline daily rate seems to make no sense at all. I don’t know where Airbnb are pulling the figures from. I have checked to see if it is related to the rental + cleaning + airbnb service charge divided by the number of nights, but it doesn’t add up. It is making my house look expensive compared to similar properties in the area. Has anyone got an explanation for this?

I believe the price shown when searching without dates is your base price.