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AirBnb scam alert


Just read from this article that some people are being e-mailed from a scam AirBnb support site. Please be aware that any e-mails from customer-airbnb.com is a scam!


Here’s a message I got on AIRBNB to host that has scam written all over it:

I hope this email reaches you well! My name is (website hidden) and I am visiting Toronto on vacation and business. This is my first time in Toronto and so far I love everything this city has to offer.

Your apartment is very intriguing it is clear that you take great pride in providing a comforting and stylish environment with a premier location. In addition, your knowledge of Toronto is invaluable, a true asset.

I was hoping to request the room for booking starting Friday, August 28, 2014 until September 13, 2014.



How is this a scam? Was the email through Airbnb or direct to you?


Speaking of Scams, have you all seen the NY Times article on the latest AirBnB horror story?

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