Airbnb says no text in photos?

Oh my gosh! The things they say sometimes.

I don’t recall, it was several years ago. I didn’t spend much time with it as my client didn’t want to spend the money on it.

@jodes, could you expand on the @smarbnb report you mentioned? Which service or website generates it? Thanks!

Yes! The lack of communication was the worst part!

The aim is apparently to prevent scams where newbies contact the number/email in the fake listing photo so they pay outside Airbnb.
But enforcement varies. One of our accounts was okay and one of our accounts had a listing suspended temporarily for having text (Free Wifi, area map etc). I suspect once they’ve confirmed and flagged the listing as legitimate it’s not so much of an issue

@Atlnative I think i mis-tagged it-

It’s essentially a service that auto-sends messages on your behalf and also sends you a daily report that shows where you show up in the listings. I can’t stay enough good things about it- it saves me literally hours a month in messaging (and I only have generic messages sending) and also means I don’t forgot to send something. THe daily reports are also super valuable to see how you rank compared to other listings in your area. It also auto-updates your calendar to keep you high up in the rankings. Oh and customer service is also top-notch- I always get a response within 24 hours (most of the time much less than that). It costs $25 a month or something but worth every dollar.

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