AirBnB Review removed:)

Hi! I’m not new here. However, I have been an avid reader for a couple years…not a poster nor comment much. I’ve read and followed some great info here. I’ve learned that all our properties are very different from one another, so I pick and choose what applies to myself.

I have been a SuperHost for nearly three years in S. Florida. Not a bragging thing… but you get to decide.

Anyway, I wanted to share something that worked for me. I have three very small
( think studio) properties. They all have mostly good reviews ( I can’t win them all) but the one that I have w/ an ocean view always gets a great review. I was rated 4.93 until last week. I unfortunately received a 3 star ‘Death Star’ review… and I’m thinking WTH? I check my properties before a guest arrives. I literally clean the corners of my property and I call myself the ‘hair whisperer’.

Anyhow! I called AirBnB and just said can you please look at this review and rating. I feel as if I have been harshly criticized and the the guest mentions bad service at a restaurant within the condo/hotel and I cannot control external service., I have two years of great reviews. Maybe I got lucky…. But the AirBnB rep. Removed the review and restored my rating.

While I understand, we all have different hosting situations I just want other hosts to be aware that if a guest rates you on something external to your property you may be able to have the review removed…. Especially if you have a history of great reviews.

I’m so glad I called…


Yes, think the reviewer violated Airbnb’s review policy that it be relevant.

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However, my last 3 star review (nearly 3 years ago) was related to the guest being afraid of people who were intoxicated in the condo/ hotel lobby. She wrote the comment privately so when I called regarding this review also, it remained.

This could be a hit or miss thing, reputation over time… etc. Bottom line… contact AirBnB if you have a legit concern.

At the same time, treat people as you want to be treated while on vacation… if you live by that motto…the rest is easy.


That used to be my rule of thumb, but I’ve modified it to treat people the way that they want to be treated. The first approach didn’t work for me with some people from very different cultures. That said, respect, kindness and anticipating needs go a long way with 99% of our guests. Many do have difficulty sorting out what they can attribute to our efforts - weather, neighbors, etc.


Some guests are savvy enough to know that their review and rating might be removed if they write something in the public review that’s against policy, so they write a bland or even nice public review and then give low star ratings. Don’t know if that might be the case with the guest you had.

Also it seems to be luck of the draw as to whether one gets an Airbnb rep who agrees that a review violates policy or one who refuses to remove a review.

I think you lucked out that the guest mentioned their awful experience at the restaurant, that gave Airbnb grounds to remove it.

I’m delighted it worked out well for you. It’s unfair that you were penalized by guests for something that is out of your control.

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Congrats on getting that review removed. One of my VRBO guests gave me 4 stars because a storm came through town. Good grief. I called VRBO, and they refused to remove it.

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It’s silly and the guest who reads it… knows it.