Airbnb Request Following Guest Damage

I recently had a nightmare guest who decided to throw a secret party at my property and they damaged my toilet as well

I was forced to repair the damage to my toilet immediately as I had other guests booked, and if they attempted to use my toilet, this could cause a potential flood which would lead to major repair and expense.

I contacted Airbnb immediately following the damage, but they took approximately 1 week to come back to me. In that time I’d already called a professional to repair the damage

When Airbnb got back to me they have requested a ‘short video or a repair invoice with repair costs’.

I have emailed Airbnb the invoice which describes the problem to the toilet and the amount I paid. However Airbnb are still requesting emailing me requesting a repair invoice with repair costs.

What more can I provide?

Please note that I do not have video of the damage, i only took pictures, however this does not appear to be sufficient for airbnb

I would suggest you call the case manager and ask them if you have already sent them the repair invoice why are they asking for it again @rexbanner

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Thanks for the comment.

Ironically, they stated in their email that they will only communicate via email and no phone calls

I will just have to reiterate that I have already sent the requested document

BS. Keep calling and escalating until you get a human. Robot answers will drive you batty because they “sound” human. Escalate, escalate, Twitter.

cha cha cha

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I had to contact them with a question. Their rep gave me wrong info. I replied back with their own documentation that contradicted the rep. That rep escalated me to someone else, who sends me all the documentation I had already read, and provided in part to the previous rep…with no answer to my question.

i reply back that this is not responsive to my question.

Rep #3 takes over, sends me a wall of text… with still no answer to my question. The wall of text says, we know this isn’t the outcome you wanted, but we have nothing more to say to you as we have given you all the available information (STILL NO ANSWER TO MY BLEEPING QUESTION LOL) so we will not reply further.

I was pretty convinced I was talking to the AI at this point, so I replied asking for my question to be rephrased to me. I then called and got a case manager and I complained about my treatment and the refusal to answer the question.

I got the answer to my question, FINALLY. The case manager says the person sending the messages is real and not a robot, by the way.

Three days later, I got a reply to my request that my question be rephrased. It said we are closing this ticket and will not respond further. I just kind of giggled and shook my head.

That was my only bad CS experience to date but it was really bad. It was a pretty simple question. Shouldn’t have taken 2 weeks and 4 reps to get an answer.