Airbnb rental Scam advice?

I recently received a request to rent my property on airbnb with the following message:

"Hello Dear Host

I am very interested in staying in your apartment with my best friend We will be flying from Melbourne Australia and we are very interested in staying in your place,I am new to online rental and i am not really good with this site,so pls i prefer if you can email me cos i rarely visit here and then i will book after that cos i have some questions>>>>>>

My email is: stephenlawson570 att Gmaii L .com

Or you can add me on whatsap + 1 ……424……… 225……… 1081"

Obviously i declined and then found the same name (and assume the same person) on a google search doing an airbnb scam previously here:

I this instance he was scamming renters, but in my case he was requesting to rent my property. Does anyone know what type of scam he was likely trying to pull so i can be careful in future?

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It can be that he wanted photos from you so he can post a fake property of your place and get payments of new people.

I have plenty of photos on the listing so he could just take them without contacting me. I was almost tempted to contact him to see what scam he was trying to pull

I am from Melbourne Australia and their writing definitely doesnt sound like Australian grammar.